08 Jan 2019

Where are the most beautiful birds in the world?

Birds of the world
Where are the most beautiful birds in the world?

Bird species around the world are around 10,400 each of which is distinguished by its physiology and attitudes. You may know some of them, such as the Quetzal and Roussrolle of the line, but there are still other rare species that can only be seen on the internet and, of course, by observing them on the spot.

Most birds come out of their nests in the early spring. During this season, you can admire their appearances and hisses while browsing the forests.

By observing these birds closely, you can feel the thrilling sensation of waiting for the right moment to observe them: the night falls, in the woods despite the rain. Let's travel the world to discover what are the most beautiful birds in the world.

The most beautiful birds in the world

Breathe a fresh air and admire the beauty of birds from around the world with the following descriptive list:

  • The Hoopoe or Upupa Epops, nestled in Europe, Asia and Africa, this bird is between 25 and 30 cm long. Its feathers have a varied flamboyant color: pink, cinnamon and red. These colors vary indeed according to the region and the species. 
  • Ara Hyacinthe: in southern Brazil, northeast of Paraguay and eastern Bolivia, this blue plumage bird is endangered. It feeds only on seeds and nuts. 
  • Blue-headed Lorikeet: the only bird with multicolored plumage, this bird exists in twenty subspecies. Fruits, insects and seeds are the food of this species living in Australia and Tasmania. 
  • Toucan to hull: its image is often used in comics and is only found on the highest trees. Very graceful, this bird is endowed with a black plumage and a beak of the color of the rainbow. It survives only in Mexico, Venezuela and Colombia. 
  • The Peruvian rooster: lives in Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia, it is not so difficult to observe. Yet, it is an endangered species because of its appearance. The males are the most beautiful: black and orange plumages while the females of the pale hue. 
  • Gould's Diamond: from its name, one can determine how much it is a real treasure. This small bird of 15 cm is of varied color according to the species. Bright red, blue, green and yellows, these birds are fabulous and love the company of humans.

Captivate the present moment by discovering the rarest species of birds

The quetzal is the most popular bird with its exceptional beauty and cultural value. National emblem of Guatemala, this bird represents freedom because we cannot lock it up, it needs to fly according to its desires.

This rare species feeds only on frogs, insects and fruits. Besides that, you can discover more species gathered in one place such as the Falkland Islands including more than 200 species of birds present before the arrival of spring and others who live there.

If you travel to the United States, do not hesitate to visit Big Bend National Park to observe and photograph 450 species of rare birds.

Experience an original experience while traveling the world

The most defining term for bird watching is ornithology. The advantage of practicing it is the fact that you are free for your choices, you decide on your movements and means.

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