Travel the world to discover the most beautiful birds

Photo Travel the world to discover the most beautiful birds

There are many beautiful and amazing birds in the world. We can see some of them everywhere. However many birds are not met in your daily life. Many of them don't even exist in your country. That is why traveling the world takes an important place to discover the most beautiful creature.

The most beautiful birds in the world that may amaze you

  •  Hyacinth macaw: Hyacinth macaw is a marvelous parrot native to South America and Northern Brazil. They live in the forest and are considered as the largest of parrots in the world. The hyacinth macaw is a bright blue bird with a black nozzle and yellow eyes. This very intelligent bird can use its feet to do many things. They are also able to use their beak to help them climb the tree. That is why people are really interested in this kind of parrot and take them home as a pet bird.
  •  Peacock: The Peacock is a bird with a very wonderful blue feather. This name is given to the male of the peafowl birds. Their feather can be unfolded around their body as a colorful winnowing tray which looks very amazing. That makes the male different from females. This bird can be found in many countries in the world like America, India and other African Countries.
  •  Flamingo: The Flamingo is a water and wading bird with long legs. They have an orange-red plumage with a long tail and long neck. This long neck allows them find their mainly diet in the water like shrimp and blue-green algae. You can find this kind of bird in almost all continents even if it does not exist in many countries.
  •  Red-crested turaco: This is one of the most beautiful birds in Africa. It is an endemic bird of Western Angola. What makes this bird wonderful is its rigid red crest decorated by the green-pink plumage. They eat seeds, figs, fruits, leaves and berries as main diet. The grasslands, forests, woodlands are the main refuge of the Red-crested turaco.
  •  Lesser bird of paradise: It is a middle-sized bird native to New Guinea and the small islands of Misool and Yapen. They are mostly brown and have a yellow crown and brownish-yellow upper back. They look so attractive thanks to their look like a girl her wedding dress. They have insects, snails and fruits as main food.
  •  Victoria crowned pigeon: With, maroon breast, red irises and blue crests, the Victoria crowned pigeon is a very striking pigeon. It is one of the most appreciated pets. They are originally from New Guinea but many countries have introduced them to other outlands thanks to the tourism. They eat fruits, grains seeds, grains for mainly diet.

Traveling to discover the most beautiful birds in the world?

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